Clients / City of Beaumont

The Newest Fire Station #2 is the latest upgrade for the City of Beaumont Fire Department. It replaces the existing one stall firehouse located at 4495 Ironton Avenue and Wilson Street.

The new station is designed for 130 mph windstorm and may serve as an emergency hub in the case of extreme weather condition in Beaumont. The new station was part of a masterplan for the City of Beaumont when the plan for the Northend Community Building was designed in 2008.  As a result, the site provides a seamless approach on both ingress and egress traffic to the new station, as well as the adjacent community building and library. The exterior finishes used for the new station was carefully selected to blend in naturally with the existing buildings within the complex.

The new station features include a captain office, secured supply areas, storage areas, individual sleeping quarters, accessible toilets and bathing facilities, janitor room, exercise room, open concept day room, kitchen and dining area which are located strategically in the station. It is designed with three bay apparatus complete with supports areas including decontamination shower, toilet and laundry facilities. The apparatus bay area uses natural lighting and is equipped with four-fold doors that will enable the department to quickly response to emergency calls.