Clients / City of Beaumont

As a response to the aging Best Years Senior Center located on 4th Street, originally a Marine/Navy Armory, The Lakeside Center Best Years going between The Event Centre and Beautiful Mountain Skate Park would be the long awaited updated that the seniors in our community deserves.  Carrying on with its program of providing purposeful activities for retired seniors, the new facility will continue to  host dominoes and other games, ceramics, daycare, dancing, aerobics, language lessons and other activities in the future with no reservations as the center is well equipped in that regards. The expansive center is also capable of handling a large showing with the an estimated 300 strong membership with a turnout of 1,000 attendees during their annual Mardi Gras celebration.  With operation depending heavily on volunteer leadership and instructions to carry out the increased programming demands, the Best Years Center would be pivotal in rejuvenating the staffers and goers in expanding their activities well into the horizon.